Our deep geographic roots

With our pioneer spirit and our ability to stand together, we have become a multi-energy company with a worldwide presence. Thanks to our taste for performance, we are integrating the renewables and electricity sector in which we intend to invest heavily with one goal in mind: become one of the top five producers of electricity from solar and wind power.

A historic global presence 

We are the leader in Africa in terms of the size of our hydrocarbon production, the density of our distribution networks and the supply of electricity. We want to continue to be the partner of choice on the continent. To do so, we are relying on two strengths. The first is our lasting relationship with our host countries, through our production partnerships, and with consumers, through our network of service stations, the largest in Africa. The second is our contribution to the socio-economic development of our host countries, in particular through our efforts to develop access to energy for as many people as possible.

In the Middle East, where we started out, we are recognized as the partner of choice for oil producing countries. We continue to develop all aspects of our activities in the region, from oil and gas exploration and production to refining and petrochemicals, to the development of low-carbon projects to produce electricity from renewable sources.

In Europe, we are at the forefront of carbon neutrality, particularly in renewables and electricity. Europe is also a strong industrial base where we operate world-class refining and petrochemical platforms in France and Belgium.

1st Company oil discovery in the Middle East with the Kirkuk field in Iraq.
No. 1
retailer in Africa.
million gas and electricity customers in Europe by 2025.

Lasting partnerships in support of our ambition

Our deep geographic roots and the partnerships we have built over time are real strengths for accelerating our operational ambitions and moving into the new businesses of renewables and electricity.

Asia is a strong growth driver for the marketing of our liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, particularly marine LNG to decarbonize maritime transport. We are also very active in renewables, particularly in Japan with the Nanao Power Plant, Miyako Solar Park and Miyagi Osato Solar Park solar power plants that we have built in the archipelago. Finally, in India, which has a population of 1.39 billion, our alliance with Adani, India's largest private energy and infrastructure conglomerate, is enabling us to develop two pillars of our strategy there: natural gas and renewables. This country, which is undergoing a major energy transition, is a key market for TotalEnergies.

Brazil, where we have been present for more than 40 years, is a strategic country for all our activities. Our ambitions there are in perfect synergy with our climate initiatives. The oil we produce there at competitive costs will give us the cash flow we need to achieve our ambition of carbon neutrality, together with society as a whole, by 2050, by investing massively in renewables. We are active in the production of renewable electricity through our subsidiary Total Eren, whose solar farms have a production potential of 140 MW and can supply more than 240,000 homes. Other solar and wind projects are under construction in the country, with a capacity of over 1.5 GW.

A partner in local socio-economic development

The principles and values of safety, human rights and social and environmental responsibility are part of our DNA.

Our success in building and developing partnerships around the globe has also been possible because we have integrated the creation of local value into our development mode. This has proven to be a major competitive advantage. We are taking action to become recognized as a partner in the sustainable social and economic development of the communities and regions in which we operate.

Our approach is built on dialog with local communities and public and private sector stakeholders, resulting in the joint determination of development priorities and the creation of long-term synergies.

Creating value at the local level

Moho Nord, a win-win partnership in the Republic of the Congo

Moho Nord, now in production, is an asset that is creating shared wealth.