Value creation for host regions

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Value creation for host regions

We are committed to ensuring that our businesses and projects create value and positive change. We are working towards that goal, in accordance with our Code of Conduct, in our interactions with all of our stakeholders: employees, customers and partners, host countries, local communities in our core territories, civil society, suppliers and shareholders.

ground mounted solar power plant


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Fostering the economic development of host regions

Long-term operations in a host territory means developing profitable, sustainable projects that create jobs and develop skills locally. TotalEnergies is committed to prioritizing local jobs and subcontracting locally whenever possible, in accordance with operational constraints.

Each large industrial project includes targets for host country jobs and local value creation, particularly in purchasing, manufacturing, support for local businesses and skills development.

view of the La Mède refinery


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Managing societal challenges related to the Company’s activities

We firmly believe that we need dialogue, and strive to provide honest and useful answers to the questions we are asked about what we do, which we try to adapt to the very wide variety of people we communicate with. We take part in existing bodies that facilitate this dialogue, such as labor relations organizations, and we create these bodies when necessary.

On the ground, all over the world, we work hand in hand with local NGOs. These mostly excellent relationships, -which get little media coverage- are crucial in taking a responsible approach in our operations and enable us to find out and respond to priority needs.

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Access to energy

Engaging in citizenship initiatives

The Company operates through the TotalEnergies Foundation general interest program in its countries of operation. Its objective is to give the most vulnerable young people the means to take their destiny in their hands, promoting equal opportunities and contributing to their autonomy.

Founded in 1992, the Corporate Foundation is now working alongside its partners in four priority areas, in line with its history, business lines and values: education and integration; road safety; climate, coasts and oceans; and dialogue between cultures and heritage.

The TotalEnergies Foundation general interest program gives a preference to collective action as a way of mobilizing all players in a region, associations, public and private bodies. This joint approach based on local needs also allows the testing and spin-offs of new solidarity models.


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