Our Employees: The Energy that Drives Us Forward

More energy, fewer emissions: such is the twofold challenge facing the world and one that we, at TotalEnergies, intend to help meet. Reinventing energy to be a world-class player in the energy transition and achieve, together with society as a whole, carbon neutrality by 2050 is what gives meaning to the actions of the men and women who make up our Company. It is also the addition of their individual expertise and know-how, all over the world, that will enable us to achieve this.


* As of December 31, 2021

Nearly 160
nationalities represented in the workforce
production, sales and marketing, and support professions within the Company


Technical and Business Know-How

Thanks to the technical expertise of the Company's employees and their ability to manage major projects, we have been able to forge close partnerships with the world's main producing and consuming countries.

Our expertise enables us to position ourselves as a multi-energy company among the leaders in our sector, and to successfully support our customers and partners in the most demanding areas, such as:

  • Renewables and electricity, a sector in which we are investing heavily with one objective: to become one of the world's top five producers of electricity from solar and wind power and to be recognized as a major player in electric mobility.
  • Gas - LNG, green hydrogen and biogas: we are the world's second largest private player in LNG. In the gas sector, we want to become the industry benchmark in terms of competitiveness and reduction of methane emissions.
  • Liquids - decarbonized oil and fuels - which we develop, produce, convert and market in compliance with the highest safety standards and environmental policies, increasing the share of decarbonized liquids in our productions and sales.
  • Carbon storage - natural sinks or carbon capture and storage facilities - where we are stepping up our investments, particularly in R&D.
  • Refining and petrochemicals, where we have developed some of the world's top performing platforms.

Diversity that Guarantees Competitiveness

Our Company reflects the diversity of our employees. At TotalEnergies, the wide variety of talents drives our competitiveness, our ability to innovate and our attractiveness.
With nearly 160 nationalities represented in our workforce, a presence in more than 130 countries and more than 740 professions, we can operate worldwide while providing a local offer tailored to each country's specific features. This diversity secures us a variety of points of view on the challenges before us. It is a source of innovative solutions as well as new opportunities.

Developing talents

At TotalEnergies, our ambition is to be a world-class player in the energy transition. To achieve this ambition, we must create the conditions for our employees to express and develop their potential.