R&D at the Forefront of our Transformation

R&D at the Forefront of our Transformation

R&D at the Forefront of our Transformation

In addition to deploying current technologies that can further the energy transition, a worldwide innovation drive is needed to achieve the global objective of carbon neutrality.

To accelerate this transformation in its R&D, TotalEnergies forges partnerships with industrial firms and academic researchers. The Company also invests in digital and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to develop internal solutions for accelerating its energy transition and that of its customers.

One Tech : bringing our multienergy technical skills together in one place

In September 2021, 3,400 engineers, scientists and technicians were brought together in a new segment to enhance the Company’s innovation capacity and ability to design and lead large integrated industrial projects by leveraging the teams’ operational excellence.

One Tech is home to all of headquarters’ technical skills, all energies combined.

Carbon Capture and Usage (CCU): using CO2 to make aviation fuel ​​​​​​

TotalEnergies is developing pilot units near its Leuna refinery in Germany to make molecules that can be converted into sustainable aviation fuel using green hydrogen and captured CO2.

The CO2 will be captured in the refinery’s emissions, and the hydrogen will be produced by a 1 MWe high temperature electrolyzer (more efficient than a low temperature electrolyzer).

The hydrogen reacts with the CO2 to produce methanol, a synthetic fuel. The Company anticipates an energy efficiency gain of around 30% across the pilot unit’s production chain.

Our Digital Factory develops solutions to improve our energy performance

TotalEnergies’ Digital Factory, which opened in 2020, brings together up to 300 developers and data scientists.

Its mission is to develop the digital solutions the Company needs to improve its industrial operations, offer new services to customers (notably for managing energy consumption), develop in new energies and reduce its environmental impact.