TotalEnergies in Uganda

We are the leading retailer in Uganda. We are also active in oil and gas exploration and production, through two oil projects, Tilenga and EACOP.

We lead several community outreach initiatives in the country.

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Our businesses in Uganda

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Renewables & electricity

In Uganda, our affiliate Total Eren has designed and commissioned the Soroti power plant, which is the first plant connected to the Ugandan electricity grid and the largest of its kind in East Africa.

Total Eren is also developing rural electrification projects in the country.

Exploration & Production

In Uganda, alongside CNOOC and UNOC, we have interests in development projects in the Lake Albert basin, namely Blocks EA-1, EA-1A, EA-2 and EA-3.

The Tilenga (TotalEnergies, operator) and Kingfisher (CNOOC, operator) projects were developed at the Ugandan government's request to tap the substantial oil resources in the area.

The Tilenga project, operated by TotalEnergies, includes the development of six fields and the drilling of around 400 wells from 31 locations. Production will be delivered through buried pipelines to a treatment plant built in Kasenyi, for the separation and treatment of the fluids (oil, water, gas). From 2025, the Tilenga project will produce 190,000 barrels of oil a day to meet global demand.

The oil will be transported to the Tanzanian port of Tanga via a 1,443 km underground pipeline built and operated by EACOP (East African Crude Oil Pipeline). The pipeline includes six pumping stations, powered by solar plants in Tanzania, and a heat tracing system. Due to its physical characteristics, the oil from Tilenga needs to be kept at a temperature of 50°C during transport. The pipeline route has been designed to avoid areas of environmental interest as much as possible and generally crosses farming areas.

The Tilenga and EACOP projects take place in a sensitive social and environmental context and require the implementation of land acquisition programs with a strong focus on respecting the rights of the communities concerned.

Specialty, petroleum and bio-based products

We have two oil depots in Uganda.

With our customers

BtoB customers

In Uganda, we retail lubricants and petroleum products to our business customers.

BtoC customers

In Uganda, we have a network of approximately 200 service stations, where we retail our fuel and products, and offer related services.

In our service stations, we also sell distributed solar solutions to low-income communities.