TotalEnergies in Gabon

We have been active in Gabon for more than 90 years in oil and gas exploration and production. We are also the leading retailer.

We are a historical operator in the country and lead several community outreach initiatives in the country, regarding social projects as well as environmental preservation.

Key figures


Company employees in Gabon

No. 1
retailer in the country

service stations in the country

Our businesses in Gabon

More energies

Oil and biofuels

In Gabon, we operate several producing fields and revalue associated gas in the Anguille/Île Mandji and Torpille/Baudroie Mérou sectors.

Specialty, petroleum and bio-based products

In Gabon, we have a fuel storage depot.

Less carbon

Carbon storage

In Gabon, we have partnered with Compagnie des Bois du Gabon to develop a forest management model based on sustainable wood production, biodiversity conservation and long-term carbon sequestration.

With our customers

BtoB customers

In Gabon, we retail specialty and petroleum products to our business customers.

BtoC customers

In Gabon, we have a network of approximately 40 service stations, where we retail our fuel and products, and offer related services.