TotalEnergies in South Africa

Le Cap, en Afrique du Sud, depuis Signal Hill

In South Africa, we mainly produce renewable electricity.

We lead several community outreach initiatives in the country.

Key figures

the year we first began operating in South Africa
the approximate number of our service stations in the country

the number of households powered by the Prieska solar power plant

Our businesses in South Africa

More energies

Renewables & electricity

In South Africa, we have an interest in the Prieska solar power plant, which supplies electricity to over 70,000 households in the Northern Cape. We are also participating in several projects aimed at developing solar power plants. We also market solar panels and trackers to our business and residential customers.

Oil and biofuels

We operate five exploration licenses in South Africa.

Specialty, petroleum and bio-based products

In South Africa, we are shareholders in a refinery located to the south of Johannesburg. We also operate several depots in the country.

Less carbon

Energy efficiency

In South Africa, we have invested in start-up Lula, which specializes in ride-sharing services in emerging cities, through our Total Carbon Energy Venture fund.

With our customers

BtoB customers

In South Africa, we supply our business customers with solutions designed by our affiliates Saft and Hutchinson. We also retail specialty, petroleum and petrochemical products in the country.


BtoC customers

In South Africa, we have a network of approximately 560 service stations, where we retail our fuel and products, and offer related services.

In our service stations, we also sell distributed solar solutions to low-income communities.