TotalEnergies in the Czech Republic

République tchèque

In the Czech Republic, we are mainly active in elastomer processing and resin production. We lead several community outreach initiatives in the country.

Key Figures

the year we first began operating in the country
Company employees in the Czech Republic

the approximate number of service stations supplied by AS24 in the country

Our businesses in the Czech Republic

More energies

Renewables & electricity

Our affiliate Saft operates a plant in the Czech Republic.

Specialty, petroleum and bio-based products

In the Czech Republic, our affiliates Hutchinson and Cray Valley each operate a plant for their elastomer processing and resin production activities.


With our customers

BtoB customers

In the Czech Republic, we supply our business customers with automotive fluids management solutions designed by our affiliate Hutchinson and high-tech batteries designed by our affiliate Saft. We also retail resins and specialty, petroleum and petrochemical products in the country.

Lastly, our affiliate AS24 supplies approximately 110 service stations, serving long-haul truckers.