Low-Carbon Electricity: Becoming a World Leader

Low-Carbon Electricity: Becoming a World Leader

Electricity is a fast-growing market in which TotalEnergies is developing profitably.

The Company's objective is to produce more than 100 TWh/year by 2030, which would place it among the world's top five producers of renewable electricity (wind and solar). TotalEnergies creates value through integration along the electricity chain.

Developing flexible generation and storage capacities

The intermittent nature of solar and wind projects creates a need for flexible generation and storage capacity to meet demand at all times and guarantee grid stability.

TotalEnergies has a portfolio of controllable power generation from gas-fired power stations (CCGT). Eventually, this capacity will be decarbonized, either through its supply (biomethane or low-carbon hydrogen) or through the sequestration of its emissions.

In terms of storage, TotalEnergies is relying on the expertise of Saft, which is also taking advantage of this fast-growing market. The Company's objective is to deploy 5 GW of storage capacity worldwide by 2030.

Diversifying TotalEnergies' market exposure

TotalEnergies aims to build a portfolio with a balanced mix of regulated and deregulated markets. For the latter, which are often more competitive, the Company anticipates a long-term trend of rising electricity prices. TotalEnergies values the electricity it generates through a combination of long-term contracts and exposure to the wholesale markets to the tune of 30%, so as to capitalize on the value created by price fluctuations.

Developing the customer portfolio

TotalEnergies' integration extends to end-customer sales, with offers tailored to both private and business customers. By 2030, the Company aims to supply almost 10 million customers and sell 130 TWh. TotalEnergies is also targeting 150,000 recharging points for electric vehicles.

For its industrial customers, TotalEnergies offers long-term purchase contracts from its solar and wind farms, as well as distributed solar generation solutions.