Our products and services

Our wide range of products and services help our business or retail customers optimize their transportation experience and operations. They can rely on our expertise every day through our global network of service stations; our line-up of fuels, lubricants, bitumen, natural gas, special fluids and fuel additives and our power and solar photovoltaic solutions.

Being close to our customers

We are here to provide you with quality products and daily services, and to listen to you: we aim to be a proximity champion.
Electric Vehicle, Carling Saint-Avold, France

TotalEnergies supports sustainable mobility

Our concrete and complementary solutions that address climate change and the new habits of mobility will meet our customers’ requirements.

Our industrial solutions

Through our cutting-edge research, we develop lubricants, fuels, special fluids and bitumen to support our customers’ industrial operations.
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Natural gas and power solutions

We offer businesses and consumers a comprehensive range of solutions that are simple, reliable and cost effective.