Health and safety for everyone

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Health & Safety for everyone

Safety is more than a priority at TotalEnergies – it is a core value on which we will not compromise for any reason. Everyone who works at our sites must be able to return home safe and sound at the end of their workday. The Company has set a goal of “zero fatalities” and is aiming for ongoing reductions in the number of accidents.


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Preventing the occurrence of major industrial accidents

We track the number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 losses of primary containment, as defined by industry standards. The prevention policy we implemented based on managing technical integrity and operating excellence has resulted in a fourfold decrease since 2015. The Company did not experience any major industrial accidents in 2022.


Losses of primary containment(a)202220212020
Losses of primary containment (Tier 1)112930
Losses of primary containment (Tier 2)374854
Losses of primary containment (Tier 1 and Tier 2)487784

(a) Tier 1 and Tier 2: indicator of the number of losses of primary containment with more or less significant consequences (fires, explosions, injuries, etc.), as defined by API 754 (for downstream) and IOGP 456 (for upstream). Excluding acts of sabotage and theft.

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Preventing occupational accidents

The Company has a policy for the prevention of occupational accidents which applies to all employees of subsidiaries and of contractors working on a site operated by one of these subsidiaries. The safety results are monitored with the same attention for all. This policy is described in the One MAESTRO reference framework.

As part of the policy for preventing workplace accidents, TotalEnergies has defined rules and guidelines for HSE training, personal protective equipment and high-risk operations for Company employees and contractors working on sites operated by the Company. In order to continually move its practices forward, TotalEnergies also implements a process for analyzing accidents, irrespective of their nature, with the method used and the level of detail involved depending on the actual or potential level of severity of the event.



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Preventing transport accidents

Our action plans to prevent fatal accidents are based on long-term work to continuously adapt and systematically implement our two global programs in the field: Our Lives First and the Golden Rules.

This indispensable fundamental work is supplemented by specific action plans resulting from investigations carried out when new events occur.


Number of severe road accidents(a)202220212020
Light vehicles and public transportation(b)310
Heavy goods vehicles (trucks)(b)1220247

(a) Overturned vehicle or other accident resulting in the injury of an occupant (declared accident).

(b)TotalEnergies vehicles or vehicles under long-term contract (over 6 months) with TotalEnergies.

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Preventing occupational health risks

With regard to the prevention of occupational health risks, the One MAESTRO framework provides that subsidiaries of the Company identify and assess risks at the workplace in the short, medium and long term. To do this, the framework provides application guides for implementation. The analysis of these health risks relates to chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and mental risks. This results in the roll-out of an action plan. An Industrial Health correspondent in subsidiaries is identified and tasked with implementing the policy for identifying and assessing work-related health risks. The actions are integrated into the entities’ HSE action plans and can be audited as part of the One MAESTRO audits.

As part of its health policy, the Company has implemented a Mental Health risks (MHR) prevention policy aimed at protecting the mental health of employees and has introduced a global program to enable all exposed employees to receive support, wherever they are in the world. The incorporation of mental health by the Company is part of a broader framework linked to well-being and quality of life at work, which includes social protection, working methods and environment, taking family life into account, and listening and caring at all levels of management.


Health indicators (WHRS scope)202220212020
Percentage of employees with specific occupational risks benefiting from regular medical monitoring99 %97 %97 %
Number of occupational illnesses recorded in the year (in accordance with local regulations)129158136

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Limiting risks for the health and safety of consumers

Unless certain precautions are taken, some of the petroleum or chemical products marketed by TotalEnergies pose potential consumer health and safety risks. Respecting regulatory requirements is the main measure to limit risk throughout the life cycle of these products.

TotalEnergies has also defined the minimum requirements to be observed in order to market its petroleum or chemical products worldwide with the goal of reducing potential risks to consumer health and the environment. These include the identification and assessment of the risks inherent to these products and their use, as well as providing information to consumers.


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(1)European Parliament regulation Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals (REACH).

Sustainability & Climate 2023 Progress Report


Safety Health Environment Quality Charter