Climate and sustainable energy

To get to net zero by 2050, together with society, TotalEnergies is transforming into a multi-energy company and deploying specific action plans to reduce its emissions and achieve its short- and medium-term objectives.

The Company is taking action to:

  • Reduce emissions from its operated industrial facilities (Scope 1+2) by over 40% by 2030 and disclose the progress made at its operated and non-operated facilities.
  • Reduce the indirect emissions related to its products (Scope 3), together with society – i.e., its customers, its suppliers, its partners, and public authorities – by helping to transform its customers’ energy demand.

Our Progress in 2021 and our Objectives for 2030

The credibility of the Company’s ambition for 2050 hinges on its ability to show the progress it has made so far, and it is firmly committed to doing that by publishing its 2021 results, which are in line – and even often in advance – with its targets:

Emissions from operated facilities have declined by approximately 20% since 2015. This includes 4 Mt of emissions from CCGT power plants following the implementation of the Company’s new strategy in electricity to have flexible generation capacity; the decline for operated oil & gas activities actually came to 30%.

For indirect emissions associated with customers’ use of its products:

Scope 3 emissions worldwide have fallen since 2015. In Europe, those emissions fell by 14% (excluding Covid). On oil products alone emissions fell by 19% (excluding Covid);

The lifecycle carbon intensity indicator for the energy projects it sells has fallen by 10 points since 2015 (excluding Covid), making TotalEnergies the leader among its peers in decarbonizing its energy mix.