Reducing Our Scope 1+2 Emissions using the Best Technologies Available

The scientific community has spoken with one voice, notably in the IPPC Sixth Assessment Report published in 2022, in affirming the crucial role played by cumulative greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – three-quarters of which originate in the production or use of energy – in heating our planet, and their impact on our environment and communities. Scientists have reiterated the need to take action to reduce those emissions and collectively reach carbon neutrality. That requires a sweeping transformation of our energy systems.

We are moving aggressively to curtail emissions at our operated sites

In early 2019, TotalEnergies made public our aim to reduce our net Scope 1+2 emissions from our operated activities by at least 40% from 2015 levels.

In 2022, GHG emissions from our operated assets were 13% lower than in 2015, stand¬ing at close to 40 million tons of CO2e. Our objectives include emissions generated by the growth strategy in electricity we have pursued since 2015, which has prompted us to create a flexible power generation portfolio of CCGT plants.

Across the 2015 scope of our oil and gas activities, emissions from our operated assets fell by more than 29% from 2015 levels, dropping from 46 to 33 Mt CO2e in 2022.

In 2022, with more than 110 GHG emissions reduction projects coming to fruition, we reduced our emissions by 0.8 million tons of CO2e across our operated assets.


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2025 Objective

EIn September 2022 the Company decided to launch a two-year, $1 billion plan to accelerate our energy efficiency initiatives with the goal of saving nearly 2 Mt CO2e across our oil and gas operations.

Thanks to that plan, we are accelerating our target emissions reduction for 2025 by 2 Mt CO2e annually: our new 2025 objective is to reduce Scope 1+2 emissions at our operated facilities to less than 38 Mt CO2e. Our 2030 objective remains unchanged at -40% in 2030 compared to 2015, net of 5-10 Mt of natural carbon sinks.



of reduction in net emissions by 2030, vs 2015

2030 Objective consistent with Paris Agreement

Our objective of a 40% reduction in net emis¬sions of from Scopes 1 and 2 is in line with the reduction target of the European Union’s "Fit for 55 program (-37% between 2030 and 2015) and the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions 2022 (-35% between 2015 and 2030).