I’m a #Safedriver: Keep Control of Your Vehicle at All Times


On the third Sunday of November each year, the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims commemorates the more than 1.3 million people whose lives are cut short every year as a result of a road traffic accident (source: WHO). To coincide with the event, TotalEnergies is releasing the first episode in its new "I'm a #SafeDriver" campaign on the topic of keeping your vehicle under control in all circumstances.

Since 2005, the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims has paid tribute to the thousands of people who are killed or injured in road accidents every day, as well as to their families and all the emergency and support services involved in these tragedies. As part of this event, the United Nations wishes to draw the public's attention to road safety issues and remind people that road accidents are not an inevitability, but require a collective effort to promote a more virtuous and civic-minded form of behavior, as well as preventive measures introduced by the public authorities.

Protecting road users

TotalEnergies wishes to use this occasion to reiterate its commitment to Safety, one of the Company's core values. Safety is an absolute priority in all its projects and operations for its entire workforce as well as for its business partners' employees.

With over 600 million kilometers travelled by its employees and service providers, TotalEnergies is a leading force for mobility around the world. As part of its conviction that road safety is everyone's business, the Company promotes road safety in the workplace by providing training and support for our drivers and for our service providers' drivers.

As such, TotalEnergies is unveiling the first instalment in its new "I'm a #SafeDriver" campaign, entitled "Keeping my vehicle under control in all circumstances". This episode focuses on the need to take account of weather conditions, manage the vehicle's speed, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, adapt to other road users' behavior and keep the vehicle under control.

TotalEnergies, a Company committed to road safety

Firmly committed to road safety issues and working with leading players, the Company is a:

TotalEnergies and road safety