We are #SafeDrivers: TotalEnergies unveils its new road safety awareness campaign


To coincide with UN Global Road Safety Week (May 15-21, 2023), TotalEnergies is launching its new "We are #SafeDrivers" campaign. As part of this campaign, the Company is looking to educate its employees and partner companies on the right driving behaviors and promote everyone's commitment to make our roads safer.

Road traffic accidents are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, with around 1.3 million people killed and as many as 50 million people injured each year1.

As part of the seventh UN Global Road Safety Week (May 15-21, 2023), TotalEnergies is launching its new "We are #SafeDrivers" campaign, representing the ideal opportunity to remind everyone that safety is more than a priority at TotalEnergies - it is a core value on which we will not compromise for any reason.

Making roads safer 

In 2017, the Company spearheaded its #SafeDriver initiative to raise road safety awareness among its employees and the staff at its partner companies. This strategy promotes our individual and collective commitment to make our roads safer, disseminates our best practices and rules, and supports our progress.

The new "We are #SafeDrivers" campaign focuses on three priority driving behaviors:

  • keep the vehicle under control in all circumstances;
  • do not drive if tired and avoid any distractions while driving;
  • be mindful of others while driving.

By increasing employee awareness of these behaviors, the Company is sending out a clear signal of its objective to achieve "zero fatal accidents".

Our commitment to road safety

With several million customers welcomed at its service stations every day and 600 million kilometers travelled every day by its employees and service providers, TotalEnergies is a leading force for mobility around the world.

The Company has been committed to improving road safety for many years, as demonstrated by the following:

Road safety is also one of the TotalEnergies Foundation's four priority focus areas for youth.

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