Applying our safety strategy every day

In practical terms, how can we ensure everyone's safety everywhere we operate? At TotalEnergies, we deploy a rigorous, structured operational approach that involves identifying risks, taking preventive ation and monitoring on a regular basis. This approach shapes the daily work of our employees and partners.

Why it matters

Safety is a prerequisite in our business. We can't operate without it. Our company’s reliability and sustainability depend on safety, which explains why it is so crucial to understand industrial risks and be rigorous and systematic in applying safety rules. These rules inform our safety approach and create the conditions for achieving our objective of being the benchmark for safety in our industry.

Our action guidelines: prevention and vigilance

To effectively anticipate potential issues, we systematically assess risks before a project or operation begins. Our comprehensive analytical methodology involves:

  • Assessing all potential risks.
  • Drawing up accident scenarios.
  • Analyzing the most significant risks in detail.
  • Implementing safety action plans in accordance with a priority scale that compares the level of severity with the likelihood of the event occurring.

The analysis continues throughout the operations in accordance with the same safety requirements.

Leveraging this data and knowledge, we devise safety systems, rules and measures that minimize risks. This can involve redesigning facilities and structures, strengthening protection procedures and updating production equipment.

In addition, crisis management plans are in place so that we can respond quickly and appropriately if an accident occurs. We also regularly organize drills to ensure these crisis plans are effective.

Enhancing safety: a strategy of continuous improvement

To ensure safety every day, our first focus is to create a culture of high standards. This means working in accordance with specific rules and technical standards. To establish them, we have increased the number of working groups with our peers to exchange best practices and know-how. This safety collaboration was particularly active in 2010 after the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, which led the entire industry to review its procedures.

We can also limit risks by performing inspections. Our installations undergo safety inspections throughout their entire life cycle. Monitoring involves verifying compliance with our operating procedures. Drills are regularly carried out to ensure that our maintenance work and inspections are effective. In addition, we continuously monitor the expertise of all of TotalEnergies' players, in every region and sector, from production to processing to distribution.

Lastly, to continuously improve our performance, we need to create a safety culture. By distributing the rules to as many people as possible, raising awareness among staff about safety issues, increasing training and offering effective tools, we are investing in safety every day so that it becomes an integral part of our working habits.