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World Day for Safety 2024: Learning Lessons from Our Experiences to Improve Safety

World Day for Safety 2024:
Learning Lessons from Our Experiences to Improve Safety

Every year, the World Day for Safety provides TotalEnergies with an opportunity to remind people of the importance of Safety, core value of the Company, and its objective to achieve "zero fatal accidents". This year's theme, "Major Accidents and REX", encourages us to learn lessons from major accidents of the industry and use our returns of experience to make our operations safer.

Every 28 April, the International Labour Organization (ILO) commemorates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. At TotalEnergies, this event is an opportunity to reiterate that the Company's Safety value is central to all our activities while rallying all our employees and partner companies to our shared objective of achieving "zero fatal accidents".

This year, TotalEnergies is celebrating its 100th anniversary: a century of challenges and technological advances, but also a century of improvements in terms of safety at the workplace and in our facilities. The Company learns from its major accidents as well as those occurring in industry. It draws lessons from these accidents and has set up an events management and a “return of experience” process to improve the safety of its operations.

World Day for Safety 2024 is an opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from major accidents of the past. It is also an opportunity to see, through our "return of experience" process, how we  continue to learn and progress by learning lessons from more recent serious accidents, wherever they may have occurred.
Michel Charton SVP Health Safety Environment, TotalEnergies

"Return of experience" as a tool for improving safety

Our returns of experience and the knowledge we have of them are key to preventing major accidents. Based on field observations (anomalies, accidents, best practices), return of experience enables us to continuously improve our safety standards and practices. The Company can harness the knowledge acquired and share it with the teams. If the lessons learned from an event are rigorously applied, the same accident will not happen again.

To develop our safety culture, we are encouraging our employees to take greater ownership of the lessons learned from these returns of experience. To control and prevent the risks inherent in our activities, it is vitally important to be familiar with those risks and develop shared awareness.

Collaboration between all actors is essential. It is multidisciplinary and must transcend organizational boundaries. Major accidents continue to happen, so it is essential to learn from those accidents and also from our returns of experience to prevent them from happening again.
Pol Hoorelbeke Vice President Major Risks Division, TotalEnergies