Prieska Photovoltaic Power Plant: Clean and Reliable Energy in South Africa

Location: South Africa
Partners: Mulilo Renewable Energy, Calulo Renewable Energy, IDC, Futuregrowth Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, TotalEnergies
Main activity: solar power generation
Commissioning: 2016

86 MWp

The solar power plant’s installed capacity

South Africa map
Prieska solar power plant, South Africa

TotalEnergies was selected to build and operate one of Africa’s largest ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant in Prieska, South Africa. The plant came on line in 2016 and supplies clean and sustainable energy to South Africa, a country in which TotalEnergies has been active for the past 50 years.

Along with our SunPower affiliate, we were selected by the South African government to build a ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant in Prieska, in Northern Cape province. With a capacity of 75 MW, the plant will supply electricity to approximately 75,000 South African homes.

Building on our long-term involvement in South Africa, we are proud to contribute to diversifying the country’s energy mix and developing its solar power capacity.

The project is secured under a co-development contract signed with South Africa-based Mulilo Renewable Energy. We hold a 27% stake in the project alongside the following five partners: Calulo Renewable Energy (25%), Mulilo Renewable Energy (18%), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) (15%), Futuregrowth Asset Management (Pty) Ltd (10%) and a local municipality (5%).

Our SunPower affiliate is providing engineering, procurement and construction services. It will also operate and maintain the solar power plant.

SunPower Oasis Power Blocks™

The plant features high-efficiency solar panels mounted on the ground, thereby eliminating the technical and aesthetic constraints typically encountered with rooftop-installations. The single-axis trackers rotate horizontally and follow the position of the sun to ensure optimal exposure.