TotalEnergies Scrum Machine: a tool to evaluate strength and energy


As an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup France 2023, TotalEnergies presents the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine to allow you to transform your pushing force into daily energy equivalence.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is getting closer and the excitement around the competition is gradually building. As an official sponsor, TotalEnergies wants to be a major player in the festivities. For the Rugby World Cup France 2023, the Company has specially created the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine to challenge yourself with family and friends. Thanks to the scrum machine, all participants were able to compare their energy with that of professional players, hopefuls or young beginners.

The scrum machine is the training equipment that allows players, especially the forwards, to work specifically on the closed scrum, the iconic phase of rugby. The TotalEnergies Scrum transforms the force of the push into a daily energy equivalent for all participants. This conversion makes it easy to know if the energy used is enough to recharge your smartphone or light your desk.

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