TotalEnergies and African football


Football is much more than just a sport. It allows people to celebrate and enjoy their passion together. It creates a driving force like no other sport. It is a universal language that unites fans and builds bridges between different cultures. Football is synonymous with socializing, team spirit and obviously energy. The love of football brings together fans from all walks of life. As a major partner to the Confederation of African Football, TotalEnergies is supporting and helping spread football fever through its "Football Together" program.

Our partnership with the confederation of African Football

8 years
the length of our partnership with the Confederation of African Football

On July 21, 2016, Total entered into an eight-year partnership with the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the sport's governing body on the continent. Under the agreement, our Company became the title sponsor of the CAF's 10 main competitions, including the prestigious Africa Cup of Nations (CAN), which has been renamed the Total Africa Cup of Nations and then the TotalEnergies AFCON. As well as being Africa's foremost sporting event, AFCON is the third-largest football tournament worldwide after the World Cup and the European Championship.
Africa is in TotalEnergies' lifeblood. With 10,000 employees in over 40 countries, Africa has been a cornerstone of our international presence for more than 90 years. As such, we are delighted to share the continent's favorite sport.

Our “Football Together” program

As CAF's partner, we have created the "Football Together" program to provide all fans with a different perspective to the sport that goes far beyond the competitive aspects and celebrates the rich diversity of African football. The program includes a special website and social media pages where fans can get behind-the-scenes looks at matches and experience all the excitement of the stadium.

A host of activities have also been set up, such as the Social Room by TotalEnergies. This digital hub offers visitors a backstage look at the competition and a unique opportunity to relish the stadium experience.

The Ball Kids by TotalEnergies program will give young football fans the chance to live and breathe their passion close to the action and meet their idols.

Find “Football Together” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online, and check out our official "FARA MBÊ" anthem on our YouTube channel. Also discover the Football Together Jersey, which has been designed to bring together all African football supporters through their shared passion for the game, regardless of their favorite team.

Fans can also celebrate football in TotalEnergies' service stations with "Football Together" podcast listening booths, competitions and goodies. As part of the "Trophy Tour" that was organized in the run-up to the last TotalEnergies AFCON in 2021, our customers had chance to share their enthusiasm and see the trophy during a roadshow that took in the 18 qualifying countries featuring our Group's affiliates, before it reached the competition venue in Cameroon.