Total and Amyris Make Their Debut at the Cannes Film Festival


Total has made its first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The Group owes its presence at the prestigious event to its biojet fuel developed with Amyris.

Over the course of the festival, Total will be supplying biojet fuel for 24 Air France flights from Nice to Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly airports1.

For Air France, the flights are a way to "alert the French authorities to the opportunity of developing a sustainable French biojet fuel sector by showing that there are both committed industry players and public acceptance for the solution."

The Total-Amyris biofuel, made by fermenting sugar cane, can be blended with conventional jet fuel at a ratio of up to 10%. This solution reduces an aircraft's greenhouse gas emissions by more than half compared with a traditional aviation fuel.

Cannes is just the latest development in Total's partnership with Air France. It follows on from the launch of the "Lab'Line for the Future" program, which saw Total supply biofuel for a weekly Toulouse‑Paris flight for a year.

Commenting on the collaboration, Pierre-Yves Loiseau, Vice President Aviation at Total, said, "After the opening of a first route to Toulouse, this new operation with Air France during the Cannes Film Festival further demonstrates Total's commitment to biofuels. It highlights the strength of our partnership and our shared determination to help reduce CO2 emissions by developing effective alternative fuels."

1 Airbus A321 flights on May 16, 21, 22 and 23, 2016.

Le PDG d’Air France et l’équipage assiste à un avitaillement en biocarburant Total-Amyris


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