Meet the women behind TotalEnergies' transformation


TotalEnergies is committed to upholding and promoting the principle of gender equality in the workplace, and ensuring and monitoring its proper application. Gender equality is key to our success in a globalized world in which women make up more than half of the talent pool.

As shared by the International Energy Agency (IAE) despite making up 39% of global labour force – women only account for 22% of the traditional energy sector. On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day, TotalEnergies highlighted the stories of seven women employees. Read and discover how they contribute to the Company's transformation on a daily basis.

Portrait of Cecilia Sambusiti

Cecilia Sambusiti, Biogas R&D Project Manager, OneTech, with TotalEnergies since 2017

I saw the beginning of methanation in Italy nearly fifteen years ago. I don’t see waste as waste, but as a resource. Turning it into renewable energy is an exciting field that I first worked on as a researcher before joining TotalEnergies. With the team, we try to innovate in concrete projects supporting the business and our sites. I coordinate the biogas R&D roadmap, alongside my colleagues in other entities. Apart from that, I think that women have a central role to play in the energy transition. We are the first to be affected by climate change. People need us, with our vision and our empathy to change this sector.

To ensure a better gender balance in its senior management, the Company has set itself the following targets for improvement in its highest managerial positions to be achieved by 2025: 30% female senior managers by 2025 (23.8% in 2022).



of women senior managers in 2022


Portrait of Olubunmi Benco

Olubunmi Benco, Offshore HSE Superintendent at TotalEnergies E&P Nigeria, with TotalEnergies since 2011

Maintaining TotalEnergies Core Values on site as concerns safety motivates me greatly. As the Head of HSE, I ensure that the safety standards of the organization are sustained on site and the safety culture required to achieve incident free operations is developed. Thus, everyone goes back home safely to their loved ones. When I joined TotalEnergies from another major in 2011, I knew I was joining a company that was transforming faster than the others, both in new energies as well as women's role in technical professions. As a female leader in the field, I hope I can also influence mindsets and inspire other women to actively seek technical roles.

TotalEnergies' commitment to gender equality in the workplace begins at the recruitment stage and continues throughout the employee's career, particularly in the processes to identify high-potential employees and to appoint managers.

The Company manages skills mobility with a particular focus on attracting more women to technical and business careers (at the end of 2022, 23.9% of managers on permanent contracts in technical or sales positions were women1).

Portrait of Christen Wittman

Christen Wittman, Offshore Wind Project Director at Gas, Renewables & Power, with TotalEnergies since 2022

"I joined TotalEnergies nearly a year ago to work on the New York Bight Attentive Energy offshore wind farm project off the coast of New York and New Jersey. I've been working in offshore wind, starting as an engineer and advancing into project management, for ten years, and I find it fascinating. I like working with the project team to solve the complex technical challenges of offshore wind projects, as well as managing the project’s engagement with all the different stakeholders. It's a brand new industry in the United States, with only 7 turbines in the water so far. It's also fantastic to be working on TotalEnergies' largest offshore wind project. I was impressed by the Company's ambition in renewables, and I'm proud to play my part by participating in this project."

Portrait of Zeynabou Seck

Zeynabou Seck, Bitumen Technical and Safety Engineer at Marketing & Services, with TotalEnergies since 2014

If I had to sum up my role at TotalEnergies, I’d say it’s to spread and strengthen our safety culture within the global bitumen business. After an international career in operational and strategic positions in our African affiliates, I’ve been in a role covering both technical and safety issues for almost a year. I support businesses with audit, safety, transportation and technical issues. I also help them to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities and integrate sustainability. What I like about my work is involving the affiliates in TotalEnergies’ transformation towards net zero, while maintaining the essential values of our Company’s operational excellence!

Through its mentoring activities and development workshops, the TWICE (TotalEnergies Women's Initiative for Communication and Exchange) network also helps to expand the gender diversity policy. Its goal is to promote the development of women within the Company, particularly towards management roles, and assist them in their career development. Established in 2006, it is now present in France and abroad (with 70 local networks) and has nearly 4,000 members . A mentoring program operates in France and internationally to help women gain insight into key phases of their career.

Portrait of Ioanna Kosyfologou

Ioanna Kosyfologou, Maritime Projects Engineer at Trading & Shipping, with TotalEnergies since 2016

A few months ago, I joined Trading & Shipping to monitor the performance of the vessels we charter. I’m working on solutions to reduce their emissions. What I love about this job is that I get to try out new technologies and measure their impact directly. It’s very hands-on, and the results of our work will be visible by next year. Previously I worked for M&S in fuel formulation and after that as a track engineer for motor racing. Then I got this opportunity to apply my knowledge of the automotive sector to maritime transport. Maybe in the future I'll work in renewables! As long as you have the skills and the desire, whether you are a woman or not, I think you can progress in the way you want to at TotalEnergies.

To encourage young women to opt for careers in technical fields, TotalEnergies has partnered with France's Elles Bougent (Women on the Move) organization since 2011. Some 250 female engineers regularly meet with high-school girls to talk about careers in science. Throughout the Company, female engineers and technicians from all backgrounds are encouraged to serve as role models for female high school and university students to illustrate women's contributions to the fields of science and technology.

Portrait of Céline Rouillet

Céline Rouillet, GRP Affiliate Assistance Manager at TotalEnergies Global Procurement, with TotalEnergies since 1996

"Things move very fast at TotalEnergies these days! I see this in my job, where I am in constant contact with GRP affiliates to help them with their purchasing processes. Some of them, such as Biogas, have phenomenal development ambitions. I help them with methodology and processes and share best practices with them for responsible sourcing. We make sure this does not slow their development in any way. In return, I share my knowledge of the ambitions and constraints of these businesses, which are central to our transformation, with my colleagues at TGP."

Portrait of Florine Enga Etoka

Florine Enga Etoka, Cybersecurity expert within the Security Operation Center, with TotalEnergies since 2022

"At cybersecurity, we work in the shadows, and yet what we do is essential. A cyberattack on an industrial facility can shut it down completely, so the businesses need us to operate safely. Some incidents, like phishing, can directly target employees, or the corporate information system. My job is to detect and deal with cyber incidents at the Company level and in the affiliates. I help them analyze the incidents if necessary, and I also keep up with the development of our detection tools. I joined the team when TotalEnergies was trying to strengthen these skills, and it’s really exciting to be part of that dynamic!"


1 Technical and sales functions, excluding support functions (e.g., human resources, legal affairs, purchasing, etc.).