Inclusive Mobility, Mobility for All!


In France, one job seeker out of two refuses an offer of employment or training because of mobility-related issues. As the Forum on Inclusive Mobility, co-initiated by Total, opens today in France, let’s take a look at what the Group is doing in this area.

Liberty, equality, mobility

Mobility plays a crucial role in allowing people to enter the workforce. In partnership with Wimoov, France's leading inclusive mobility association, Total has helped close to 7,500 people gain access to mobility each year since 2012.

The assistance comes in many forms, including loaner vehicles, individualized support and training. Counselors at twenty platforms (of which five developed thanks to financing from Total) devise support plans for each situation.

The results speak for themselves: 50% of the individuals with whom the counselors worked found a job after four to six months.

Total does more than just provide financial support for Wimoov: "We help the association during its meetings with institutions and in setting up programs with Total employees who want to volunteer their skills," explains Damien Desjonquières, head of Inclusive Mobility at Total.

The Inclusive Mobility Laboratory

Total and Wimoov created the Inclusive Mobility Laboratory in 2012 to bring together the major players in mobility and inclusion. To date, 15 participants from the public, private and social economy sectors have joined the initiative.

The laboratory's main goal is to raise awareness of mobility challenges in the public debate, provide objective data and analyses and propose solutions.

The topics addressed range from forging links between digital technology and access to mobility, creating a diploma for mobility counselors and leveraging the French National Civilian Service to support mobility for the most disadvantaged.

In addition to the Inclusive Mobility Laboratory, Total is working on a number of social business projects, as Damien Desjonquières explains: "Based on the Awango by Total model, we are trying to develop socially-oriented mobility offerings that are profitable for us. We're helping people who may be our future customers. "