Hydrogen mobility: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at a Multi-Energy Service Station


As part of its commitment to guide its customers towards low-carbon mobility, TotalEnergies is striving to provide easier access to hydrogen, particularly in the road freight transportation sector. How does a hydrogen station work? Watch the video for a guided tour!

To accelerate the uptake of hydrogen in the road transportation sector, TotalEnergies is developing a network of hydrogen stations across Europe. The Company currently operates over 30 stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The objective for 2030 is to achieve over 100 hydrogen stations under the TotalEnergies brand along major European roads as part of a joint venture with Air Liquide.

Find out how TotalEnergies is developing the use of hydrogen across the European road network with a few key dates

Infographics "Total H2 for Mobility : Key dates" - see detailed description hereafter