TotalEnergies' Statement Following the Release of Global Environmental Change's Paper


  •  Elf's and Total's knowledge of climate risk since the 1970s has been no different from that published in scientific journals at the time, which the scientific paper published today fully confirms.
  •  It is therefore wrong to claim that the climate risk was concealed by Total or Elf, either in the 1970s or since.
  •  TotalEnergies notes that the paper itself states that Elf and Total already accepted the findings of climate science, publicly and openly, as long as 25 years ago.
  •  TotalEnergies regrets that it was never approached or consulted by the authors of the paper, which TotalEnergies will study in detail.
  •  TotalEnergies deplores the process of pointing up at a situation from fifty years ago, without highlighting the efforts, changes, progress and investments made since then.
  •  Since 2015, TotalEnergies has been engaged in a profound transformation of its activities with the ambition of becoming one of the world's top five renewable energy players by 2030 and getting to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, by setting specific greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030.


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