Contributing to the well-being of local communities

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Protecting the health and well-being of those living near where we operate is of critical importance. We are therefore involved, in all of our host countries, in programs to promote personal and public health that are adapted to the local situation.

Why it matters

As a responsible employer, we consider health to be a priority. In all of our host countries, we do everything we can to contribute to the health and well-being of our employees and their families and, by extension, local communities.

Taking action to preserve everyone's health

Because of our global presence, we implement prevention measures to combat:

  • Infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc.), which often affect the most vulnerable members of the population.
  • Emerging viral diseases (avian flu, etc.), which are creating new health risks.
  • Substance abuse (tobacco and alcohol, etc.), which is a problem across the world.
  • Obesity and cardiovascular diseases, which are on the rise in western and high-growth countries.

In our host countries, we work with local players to conduct large-scale campaigns in an effort to:

  • Inform and educate local communities about major public health issues.
  • Promote good health practices.

 Awareness campaigns to fight HIV/AIDS at our service stations in Nigeria


HIV/AIDS prevention campaign at our service stations in Nigeria

Since 2006, we have been conducting wide-reaching HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns in Nigeria. Our service station teams are specially trained to provide information and perform screening tests. We have chosen services stations for a very simple reason – they serve a large number of people every day and are therefore the ideal place for raising awareness about key public health challenges.


  • Identify the areas where the campaign will be deployed.
  • Assess hospital infrastructure alongside our partner the Nigerian Business Coalition Against AIDS (NIBUCAA) and select the hospitals where screening equipment will be installed.
  • Choose the service stations that will take part in the campaign and decide on the number of instructors that will be trained at a one week course, followed by a two-week test phase. Information and screening are free.
  • Launch the campaign. Information and screening are free and available for the duration of the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, we get government agencies involved in our local initiatives as much as possible in order to facilitate the care and monitoring of HIV-positive patients.

Working together to push research forward

Providing information and raising awareness are the first step, but advancing research would enable us to go even further in the combat against diseases. We therefore team up with research laboratories and NGOs to provide them with the resources they need through the TotalEnergies Foundation.

Each initiative is adapted to local conditions and based as much as possible on host country health care systems and governments. The TotalEnergies Foundation works with health professionals, educators and teachers around the world. In Morocco, for example, the Foundation supported an HIV/AIDS prevention campaign aimed at lorry drivers between 2007 and 2011.

Our sound CSR initiatives in Myanmar


The Yadana clinic

Our partner, the Pasteur Institute

Working together to push research forward
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