TotalEnergies On Electricity start-up Accelerator

TotalEnergies On, our electricity start-up accelerator


TotalEnergies On is an accelerator program that supports start-ups developing innovative solutions in the electricity and renewable energy sectors.

The aim is to detect and support the sector's most promising start-ups.

TotalEnergies invests massively to join the world’s Top 5 renewable electricity producers by 2030. You can play an active role in the exciting journey of the Company’s electricity and renewables business.

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If your start-up is innovating in electricity & renewables, come and join us!

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Support and guidance from energy experts and entrepreneurs driving the STATION F ecosystem

TotalEnergies On offers a fully "bespoke" support package to deliver an effective response to the individual needs of each start-up, while giving them a helping help in developing their projects. Selected companies can harness:

What do we ask for in exchange?

Not much… just commitment to make the most of it.

No relocation

We don’t need you to move all your team to Paris.
Better divide and conquer and only send relevant people!

No cash

You don’t have to pay for your workspace and our mentoring services.
Better use your money to supercharge your growth!

No exclusivity

Work with anyone you like.
Helping you get new clients and partners is a win-win!

No equity

You don’t need to give up share capital to participate.
Better get fresh funding from investors out of it!

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Is your start-up breaking new ground in the electricity business?
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