Energy Talks - Let's decipher the world of energy together

#EnergyTalks: Offering Clearer Insights into the Energy of Tomorrow


How can we meet energy demand on a global scale? What role can renewable energies play in the energy mix? How can we organize the process of migrating to a more virtuous model? What role should the sector's various stakeholders play? These are just some of the questions addressed by the internal and external experts during our #EnergyTalks live sessions. By providing upfront answers to web users' questions, they help us see more clearly in a world shrouded in complex and changing issues.

Energy Talks, Let's decipher the world of energy together. Broadcast on 9 november 2023 at 12:00 with Jean-Pascal Clémençon, Senior Vice President Stategy & Markets, TotalEnergies

The second episode of #EnergyTalks took place on 9 November 2023, focusing on the role for oil and gas in the global energy transition and TotalEnergies' transformation. Watch the discussion between Patrice Geoffron, Professor of Economics at Paris Dauphine University, and Jean-Pascal Clémençon, Senior Vice-President Strategy & Climate at TotalEnergies, moderated by Virginie Guilhaume.

EnergyTalks, the solar energy

On September 14, 2022, TotalEnergies organized its first #EnergyTalk, which was streamed live on LinkedIn. Laurent Becerra, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Renewables International, answered questions from web users on the subject of solar energy. Discussions addressed a number of key topics, including the challenges ahead, the latest innovative technologies and TotalEnergies' ambitions in this particular field.