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Actions to respect human rights

Respect for each other is a core value at TotalEnergies, at the heart of our collective ethic and Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to all our employees, as well as our suppliers and contractors. Respect for each other means respect for human rights, which are non-negotiable in our operations around the world. It is also a collective and individual requirement.

Operators in front of a pretreatment unit


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Supplier qualification process

Respect for human rights in the workplace

We take action against all forms of discrimination, forced labor and child labor; ensure good quality working conditions and decent wages; and require the same of our suppliers in their operations. In the field, we emphasize training to explain, anticipate and prevent human rights risks. We are also engaged in conducting external audits of our affiliates using the consulting firm Good Corporation. In 2022, we joined the International Labour Organization’s Child Labour Platform, a multi-sector initiative to combat child labor.

Team of operators in a biogas plant


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Fundamental Principles of Purchasing

Respect for human rights of local communities

In our project development process, we conduct specific due diligence as soon as studies begin to identify the potential negative impacts of our activities on local communities, as well as appropriate remediation plans, in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We comply with our Charter Regarding Indigenous and Tribal Peoples issued in 2012. We maintain regular dialogue with our stakeholders, including human rights defenders NGOs who help us identify actions in the field, and we make sure to involve them in the pre-project stages.

Students from Guarani communities


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Respect for human rights in security-related activities

When security contractors or government forces in charge of protecting our employees and installations have to intervene, we make sure they have been vetted individually and received adequate training. We also perform analyses each year to assess the security risks at our sites.

Security briefing at a LNG terminal


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VPSHR initiative