The Zeeland Platform, a Showcase Site in Terms of Biodiversity Management


Since 2010, the Zeeland platform in the Netherlands, which we operate as a joint venture with Lukoil (45%), has been implementing an active biodiversity management policy on the site and in the surrounding area. An overview of our actions.

The commitments made at Zeeland aim to both preserve and stimulate the local flora and fauna:

  • Orchid management on the refinery site: the soil on the site is favourable to the growth of certain orchid varieties. In these particular areas, where safety allows, we do not mow the grass in which the orchids are growing, to allow them to flower. To date, seven species of orchid have been identified in over 47 different locations, with a total of 5,552 orchids flowering in a single year.
  • Planting flowers and plants: alongside the solar power station installed on the platform, we have planted combinations of flowers and plants that produce both nectar for insects and oil-rich seeds for birds and small mammals such as mice. In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of songbirds and birds of prey, including owls.
  • Protection, observation and management of oystercatcher breeding sites: our teams locate the nests and allow them to reproduce easily on the Zeeland site. Since these measures were put in place in 2010, the oystercatcher population has increased: around 10 breeding pairs and many young oystercatchers have been counted on the site, a breeding density comparable to that observed in a nature reserve. This year, aluminum pallets have been placed near the nests to protect the young oystercatchers from predators. We hope that this will help more chicks to mature and reach adulthood.
  • Managing wetlands on the industrial site: two ponds have been dug to accommodate amphibians and insects that need a damp environment. The site also has a marsh that has been left untouched to allow herons, egrets and other birds to thrive there. This resting area is also a breeding ground for a pair of marsh harriers, four pairs of spoonbills, 10 pairs of grey herons, 11 pairs of little egrets and many small marsh birds, including the rare Cetti's warbler. The Zeeland platform is the only place in the Netherlands where all these species can be found in one place.

These actions are helping to make the Zeeland platform one of our showcase sites in terms of preserving biodiversity. A number of other projects (the development of a small forest near the marine jetty, the development of certain sections of harbour walls to accommodate birds) are currently being considered.

The Zeeland platform ecosystem in pictures