World Safety Day 2020


The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an opportunity to remind us of the importance of always ensuring that value is firmly anchored in everything we do. At Total, Safety - For me, for you, for all - is a fundamental part of our business and a fundamental priority for the whole of the company, its teams and the external partners who share our successes and our difficulties.

Our goal is to make our managerial proximity with contractors in the field more tangible and give it greater importance. We can always strive to do better and must never give way to complacency. To achieve this, safety standards are an integral part of our working methods and those of all of our stakeholders.

In the spirit of solidarity, our goal is to strengthen the ties at all management levels between Total and our main local contractors in order to reinforce shared vigilance of fatal hazards and make safety our most important criteria.

Together, our Group, its teams and its partners can share on each Total site the best safety practices. We must take every possible step to ensure we do all we can to meet the goals of “Our lives matter” program.