Uganda: TotalEnergies' Biodiversity Program for the Tilenga Project


From development through to implementation, TotalEnergies is committed to ensuring that all its projects create value and positive change. The Tilenga project is located in Uganda's biodiversity-sensitive Albertine Rift region. As part of this project, the Company has set up a biodiversity program targeting four key ecosystems: Murchison Falls National Park, the savanna, the wetlands, and the forests.

Located in Uganda's Lake Albert region, the Tilenga project aims to develop six oil fields and drill 400 wells from 31 locations. The area offers an especially sensitive environment and is recognized worldwide for its rich and unique biodiversity. Therefore, TotalEnergies is taking strict measures to avoid, mitigate and offset the project's environmental impact.

The Company's long-term objective is to contribute to the enrichment of the region's biodiversity and particularly leave the natural environment in better condition than before the project began, including in the Murchison Falls National Park.

Discover the four pillars of TotalEnergies' biodiversity program for the Tilenga project through our illustrations.