TotalEnergies gets Rugby World Cup 2023 fans to put their energy to the test!


To coincide with the Rugby World Cup 2023, TotalEnergies is inviting spectators to take part in a range of activities to measure their energy, including the Scrum Machine and the Fan Energy Challenge.

The Scrum Machine: a tool to evaluate fans' strength and energy

As an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2023, TotalEnergies is taking advantage of the event to play a major role in the festivities. For the competition, the Company has specially created the Scrum Machine where fans can challenge their family and friends. Players use this training equipment to work specifically on the closed scrum, and now thanks to the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine, all participants can see how their energy compares to the professionals.

The Scrum Machine transforms the force exerted by the fans taking part in the challenge into an energy equivalent from daily life. This conversion means that they can easily see whether their energy is enough to recharge their smartphone or light their desk.

As part of an educational project incorporated into their training program, young people from the Le Havre boiler-making production school built the metal structure of the scrum machine with support from the TotalEnergies Foundation. The machine can be tested in fan zones and our service stations until the end of the World Cup.

The Scrum Machine in videos

Fan Energy Challenge: unleash the supporters' energy!

TotalEnergies is also encouraging fans to unleash all their inner energy and measure it in decibels with the Fan Energy Challenge. The principle involves shouting as loud as possible into a microphone, whether alone or in a group, to support the chosen team. Following the challenge, each country will be ranked according to the decibels generated by its fans.

Video of the Fan Energy Challenge