TotalEnergies and African football



Football is a universal language, synonymous with socializing, team spirit and, of course, energy. It is more than just a sport: it embodies a passion and enthusiasm that transcend cultures in all their diversity. The love of football brings together fans from all walks of life. TotalEnergies, the title sponsor of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), is now promoting and helping spread football fever with the “Football Together” program. 

Our partnership with the confederation of African football

8 years
the length of our partnership with the Confederation of African Football

In 2016, Total entered into an eight-year partnership with the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the sport’s governing body on the continent. Under the agreement, the Group became the title sponsor of ten tournaments, including the prestigious Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), which has been renamed the Total Africa Cup of Nations and then, the TotalEnergies AFCON. As well as being Africa’s foremost sporting event, AFCON is the third-largest football tournament worldwide after the World Cup and the European Championship. 

Africa is in TotalEnergies' blood, and has been a cornerstone of its international presence for more than 90 years. The Company intends to strengthen its position as the local services champion on the continent, which is central to its 20-year business ambition. And what better vehicle than football to consolidate its already strong roots?

Our program “Football Together”

As CAF’s partner, we have created the “Football Together” program to emphasize the human side of the sport and celebrate the rich diversity of African football. The program includes a special website and social media pages, where you can get behind the-scenes looks at matches and experience all the excitement of the stadium.

A host of activities have also been set up, such as the Total Football League sweepstake and the Man of the Match prediction contest. Fans can also cheer on their teams and try their luck at seeing their messages displayed during matches. 

In addition, the Total Ball Kids program will give five young Africans the chance to become ball boys or girls during the final of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, where they can meet their idols. 

Find “Football Together” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online, and listen to our official “Fara Mbê” anthem on our YouTube channel.