Total Confirms Its Commitment to Wind Power


A key factor in lowering global CO2 emissions will be to electrify the economy, and renewable energies will be instrumental to this end. Becoming the responsible energy major means taking this reality into account by investing heavily in solar, onshore wind and, now, offshore wind. These fast-growing energy sources present a number of advantages: they are abundant, clean, efficient and increasingly competitive.

Total recently continued its growth in renewable energies with two substantial investments in offshore and onshore wind power.

The Group has signed an agreement with the developer Simply Blue Energy to acquire a stake in the pioneering floating wind project Erebus, located in the Celtic Sea in Wales. The project will have a 96-megawatt capacity and will be installed in an area with water depth of 70 meters.

With this project, Total is a pioneer on two fronts: it is one of the first movers in this technology in the United Kingdom, the world’s largest offshore wind market, and it is tapping the potential of a completely wind-turbine-free zone.

Floating wind power is set for strong growth in the years to come. This emerging technology has great potential, opening access to sites further offshore, which have less of an impact on the landscape, and harnessing very strong wind resources. Total will bring its expertise in offshore operations to ensure future success in this field.

In France, the Group, through its Total Quadran affiliate, has acquired 100% of Global Wind Power (GWP) France, a company with a portfolio of over 1,000 megawatts of onshore wind projects, including 250 megawatts scheduled to come on stream by 2025.

With these investments, the Group is demonstrating its commitment to expanding in all types of renewable energy while contributing to France’s energy transition goals.