Our strategy to accelerate growth in electric mobility


TotalEnergies is investing in electric mobility to cater to shifts in the transportation industry and address climate concerns. In doing so, the Company is bringing about concrete solutions to the two key challenges of electric mobility: providing widespread access to EV charge points and producing higher-performance batteries.

Carving out a major place in electric mobility

Since 2019, TotalEnergies has been investing heavily to support the rapid growth of electric mobility in Europe. The Company’s goal is to operate more than 150,000 EV charge points across the continent by 2025, thereby making mobility more sustainable and more widely accessible. To this end, the Company is helping local and regional authorities develop and operate networks of public EV charge points across Europe.

  • 22,000 in Amsterdam and the surrounding area*
  • 3,000 in Antwerp*
  • 1,700 in London
  • 2,300 in Paris*

* Charge points operated or under construction

At our service stations, we are developing a dense network of fast, high-power charge points. Going forward, we aim to fit out 500 TotalEnergies service stations in Europe with EV charging areas, breaking down as follows:

  • 300 service stations on motorways and main roads, or one every 150 kilometers.
  • 200 service stations in urban and suburban areas.

TotalEnergies is also supporting electric mobility growth in Asia, with two major projects:

  • The acquisition of the largest EV charging network in Singapore, with 1,500 charge points.
  • The development of more than 11,000 high-power charge points in Wuhan, China, in collaboration with China Three Gorges Corporation .

Whether at home, at work or on the road, TotalEnergies is committed to delivering a readily available and widely accessible charging service.

Becoming a world-class player in electric battery production

In 2020, our Saft affiliate established a joint venture with Stellantis called ACC (Automotive Cells Company) Our ambition is to become a world-class player in the production of high-performance, low-energy-impact electric batteries made in Europe. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz joined ACC (partnership subject to regulatory approval) to contribute to the goal of manufacturing the battery equivalent of 2.5 million vehicles per year by 2030. In the long term, ACC could supply 20% of the European market.

High-Power Charging

High-power charging is a technology that allows to charge compatible electric vehicles at installations with a power supply above 50 kW.
Depending on the type of vehicle, high-power charging can deliver 100 kilometers of driving range in six minutes and bring the battery up to around 80% capacity in around 20 minutes, the average duration of most motorway stops for motorists.
TotalEnergies notably offers 175 kW high-power chargers and will be providing customers with chargers that have a power supply of up to 300 kW.

What Is ACC? 

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