Statement of Total after the South Pars Case Judgement


Paris, December 21, 2018 – The Paris Criminal Court ruled today that TOTAL S.A was guilty of bribing a foreign public official and ordered the Company to pay a fine of €500,000. 

This ruling came at the end of a trial involving events that occurred between 1997 and 2004 and in which all the individuals under investigation, including Christophe de Margerie, are now deceased. As a result, these individuals were not able to defend themselves, undermining the conditions for a fair trial. 

Patrick Pouyanné stated : “Anyone who knew Christophe de Margerie knows that he would never be involved in any type of corruption. However, given the specific circumstances of  this case, which has been already judged in the US and in which none of the individuals can defend themselves, Total doesn’t want to pursue it.