Rugby World Cup 2023 France: Clim on board!


Calling all rugby fans: TotalEnergies, an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2023 France, invites you to climb on board a dedicated train that will kick off a tour around France on July 22. Welcome on board for an immersive experience in this legendary sport!

The Company is an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2023 France. In this capacity, it wants to help make the event a shared moment of celebration across all regions in France. A year before the competition begins, an important first step will be taken with the July 22 inauguration of the Rugby World Cup 2023 France train in the Lille-Flandres train station. The train will begin its 114-day journey there, with 51 stops around France. Open to all, the train exhibit will take you deep inside the Rugby World Cup with immersive experiences, the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine, information on the qualified teams and the history of rugby. But that's not all. Nine Rugby Villages with numerous activities, including the Scrum Machine and a TotalEnergies stand, will also be installed in the nine World Cup host cities.

  • Lille, July 22 & 23 – Place de la République
  • Nantes, August 6 & 7 – Esplanade des traceurs de coques
  • Bordeaux, August 11 & 12 – Parc des Sports Saint Michel
  • Toulouse, August 26 & 27 – location to be confirmed
  • Marseille, September 8 & 9 – Esplanade J4
  • Nice, September 14 & 15 – Quai Amiral Infernet
  • Saint-Etienne, September 24 & 25 – Place Jean Jaurès
  • Lyon, October 1 & 2 – Plaine des Jeux de Gerland
  • Paris, November 10 & 12 – location to be confirmed
coupe du monde rugby 2023

    Come share the passion for rugby on the France 2023 Rugby Tour from July 22 to November 12!

    Text in french: "Coupe du monde Rugby France 2023 - TotalEnergies, Energies officielles - France 2023 Rugby Tour : Entrez dans la mêlée pour mesurer la force de votre énergie grâce au joug TotalEnergies."

    On board in the station and in the Rugby Villages installed in the nine host cities' central squares, join the scrum and test the strength of your force with the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine.

    This piece of training equipment helps players – especially the forwards – prepare for scrums, an iconic part of rugby play. The athletes pass their heads through a yoke-like structure and push with all their might.​​

    With this Scrum Machine created by TotalEnergies, you can test your strength and challenge your friends and family to compare the energy deployed with that of professional players, rising stars and beginners.

    The TotalEnergies Scrum Machine converts the force you exert into an energy equivalent from daily life: for example, you will see if your force is enough to recharge your smartphone or light your office. Find out at the Rugby Village or on the Rugby Train!

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