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The Roads to Carbon Neutral - Season 4 - Episode 1 - O3C, the Renewables Control Tower

The Roads to Carbon Neutral - Season 4 - Episode 1

O3C, the Renewables Control Tower

The Roads to Carbon Neutral

The fourth season of our program entitled "The Roads to Carbon Neutral", in partnership with CNBC Catalyst, provides an insight into the solutions and innovations making the transition to low-carbon energy a reality and helping us achieve a carbon-neutral future. These powerful on-the-ground stories are led by TotalEnergies' employees.

For this first episode, we are heading to Montpellier and O3C, a real control tower for TotalEnergies' renewable assets in France. With Amjad Deyine, discover the Company's intelligent and centralized solution for managing its solar, wind and hydropower facilities scattered across the country.

There’s something I’d like to do with what’s old: make it reusable and beautiful again. People invest energy and materials into it. It’s not the end of their life. We can assemble them, change them, transform them. It’s as if energy is never lost; it’s always being transformed.

Where I grew up, it was in a desert, so I learned early on that water shouldn’t be wasted. The same applied to electricity and all forms of energy. I have a PhD in physics. I’m also an engineer. But still, I’m a dreamer. I believe all physicists are dreamers. When you’re a physicist, you have to imagine things you can’t see. It’s this combination of imagination and manual work that works for me. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to innovation, research, and finding solutions to complex problems.

I manage O3C Montpellier, the control tower for all our renewable assets in France and the overseas territories. O3C monitors around 650 renewable assets, including wind, solar, and hydro. We are the first in line to spot when something happens, like a stop of production. If we are not able to remotely restart the production, then we send a local team on-site to restart it manually.

Oui, hello?’ So we go to Plan du Pal wind farm. We have a problem on turbine number 5. The wind sensor is defective. So we have to go and have a look and troubleshoot to see what’s happened.

Since using 03C, we have noted better responsiveness during interventions and also a perfectly noticeable energy gain in production. 03C allows us to intervene on-site with a feeling of security through their action and their continuous management of the power plants. 03C, at first, was just an idea. I had a mission to make it real. And today, it is real. It works. We strive to be the most reactive and responsive. These tiny incremental changes could make a big difference.

03C cut 26 tonnes of CO2 in 2023. We play our part in the optimization of production, and that’s perhaps the best part of this adventure. I just hope that we will continue to grow, including more assets, more megawatts, and more gigawatts, not only in France but in other countries.

03C was initially a mission given to me. I’m a dreamer, and I like to reach my objectives. So in that kind of way, I’m also a doer.

O3C, a center for monitoring renewable energy production in France

TotalEnergies' operation control & command centre (O3C) supervises all the Company's renewable assets in both mainland France and overseas France, whether wind, solar or hydroelectric facilities. Reporting to the Operations Division within TotalEnergies Renouvelables France, the O3C center is responsible for monitoring the health of the Company's assets in real time, so that operators can identify any malfunctions and take the necessary corrective measures. A digital platform developed with support from the TotalEnergies Digital Factory provides the center with a detailed view of production in real time.

Coordinate maintenance operations

If a fault or failure hits a facility, O3C is capable of taking remote action or dispatching a dedicated team and then managing the entire operation in collaboration with the operators on site. Through its ability to centralize all operations, the center has increased the teams' speed of response, improved human resources management and optimized energy production, while guaranteeing the highest safety standards at all times. In addition, O3C is constantly innovating with the aim of better anticipating, detecting and resolving malfunctions.

The O3C operation control & command center in figures

people in the team
renewable assets managed
tons of CO2 emissions reduction in 2023
    We are the first in line to spot when something happened like a stop of production. We play our parts in the optimization of the production and that's maybe the best part of this adventures.
    Amjad Deyine O3C Manager

    TotalEnergies and renewable electricity

    According to the IEA's Net Zero scenario, the share of renewable energies in the global energy mix is expected to increase sharply from 16% in 2020 to 29.3% in 2030, and 63.5% in 2050. TotalEnergies is developing major wind and solar power projects around the world to meet this growing demand for electricity and address climate change. The Company's ambition is to achieve a gross renewable electricity generation capacity of 35 GW in 2025 and more than 100 TWh/year of electricity production by 2030.

    The electricity value chain

    In France, TotalEnergies has developed a strong local presence with 20 sites across the country, representing 1.9 GW of operated capacity, and producing the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of approximately 2 million inhabitants. The Company is active across the entire renewables value chain, from identifying dismantling projects through to operating and maintaining facilities, while striving to reduce its carbon footprint.

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