Peugeot-Total: An Outstanding Victory* at the Dakar 2016 Rally!


visuel corps dakar 2016

After covering 9,500 km between Argentina and Bolivia in two weeks under unpredictable skies and at altitudes of up to 4,800 meters, Stéphane Peterhansel turned in an outstanding victory* in the Dakar 2016 Rally, giving Peugeot Sport its fifth Dakar win. Sponsored by Total, Peugeot Sport returned to the race in 2015 after several years of absence, competing for just the second time in South America. The Peugeot Total team had access to products including an engine lubricant designed especially by Total for the Dakar Rally. Total and Peugeot are historical partners, having worked together for more than 20 years in the areas of fuel and lubricant R&D, manufacturing, sales and motor sports.

Peugeot Sport and Total garnered three World Rally Championship titles between 2000 and 2002 before winning their first Dakar Rally together. They also demonstrated their effectiveness in endurance racing with a victory at the 24-hour Le Mans race in 2009. Lastly, the partners set a new record in 2013 at Pikes Peak, one of the most popular hill climb races, located in Colorado (U.S.A.).

Total has also sponsored the Dakar Rally, organized by A.S.O., for 24 years.

*Subject to appeal

The Four Cornerstones of the Total-Peugeot partnership


R & D – where it all starts : Total is PSA’s technical reference.

The partners’ research teams work closely together on shared topics of technical and scientific interest with the potential to help them meet consumers’ needs more effectively as concerns:

  • The development of products that correspond to the specific requirements of PSA engines.
  • The technical and cost competitiveness of lubricants.

Total and PSA share their know-how and expertise in the following areas:

  • Recycling and environmental constraints.
  • Hybrid powertrains and aftertreatment systems.
  • The interaction between Total’s oil products and different vehicle systems.
  • The impact of vehicle use.

The challenges:

  • Reduce polluting emissions, including CO2.
  • Stay a step ahead of the competition (less than 95g of CO2 per km by 2020) and innovate together.

Supply of OEM lubricants to PSA plants

Exclusive after-sales recommendation: “Citroën Prefers Total” and “Peugeot Recommends Total”. Total is the only oil company recommended exclusively in the after-sales network.  

Exclusive partnership in motor sports

Total is the exclusive partner for all Citroën and Peugeot motor sports programs.