L’Industreet: Training Young People for the Industry Professions of Tomorrow


L’Industreet’s cornerstone was laid on November 19, 2019. The future campus aims to provide free tuition to young people aged 18 to 25 in the industry professions of tomorrow. With its doors opening in fall 2020 in France, the campus will host up to 400 young people per year.

The Total initiative – led by the Group’s corporate foundation – aims to provide a tangible and innovative response to the challenge of youth unemployment, at a time when more than 200,000 industry jobs are vacant in France. Robotization and digitization are radically transforming industry, making it a sector with significant opportunities for young people searching for the right career path.

Objective: One Trainee, One Job

After courses ranging from 12 to 18 months, l’Industreet will issue trainees with state recognized vocational qualifications in five sectors with hiring potential: automated production lines, nondestructive testing and inspections, power distribution terminals, digitization of industrial installations, and robot-assisted multi-technical maintenance. The campus’ innovative teaching methods will be based on a blend of theory, practice and work placement, and the programs on offer will be personalized to enable young people to enroll in l’Industreet at any time of the year. The aim is that, after completing the training, every graduate will be able to find a job in industry, continue their studies or start their own business.

Concept: Free and Universally Accessible Tuition

No particular background or qualifications are required to join L’Industreet – all young people are welcome, regardless of their experience. Total also has the ambition of training the same number of women as men, thereby challenging stereotypes that continue to surround industry professions. Candidates from all over France will be invited to apply from March 2020 on the L’Industreet website: www.lindustreet.fr. The campus is well served by public transportation and will be fully equipped to facilitate learning. From assembly lines and computers powerful enough to model industrial units, to food services and accommodation solutions, L’Industreet will have everything it needs to provide opportunities to young people eager to work in industry.