90 Products and Services with the Total Ecosolutions Label


A total of 90 products and services had earned the Total Ecosolutions label at end-November 2016. The most recent, which is also the first resin to earn the label in the automotive sector, is a plastic used to make parts for car interiors: Lumicene® MH14CN0 polypropylene. Its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content makes it possible to produce parts that meet the most stringent auto industry standards for in-vehicle air quality without requiring a degassing step. This has cut carbon emissions 22% compared to using a conventional plastic during the material manufacturing phase.

The TotalEnergies EcoSolutions Program

The benefits of TotalEnergies products and services with the TotalEnergies EcoSolutions label include reduced carbon emissions and volatile organic compound content and lower natural resource, energy and water use. Launched in 2009, the program helps our customers be smarter consumers by offering them solutions that outperform the market standard in terms of environmental or health impact, for an equivalent outcome across the life cycle.