2024 season: Team TotalEnergies is back on the road


Team TotalEnergies is embarking on the 2024 season with a new line-up and an impressive racing schedule. As our partnership enters its ninth year, it’s time to (re)acquaint yourself with the Vendée formation.

Team TotalEnergies launched the 2024 season on Saturday, January 20, by competing in the Clàssica Comunitat Valenciana 1969. Back in 2021, Team TotalEnergies rider Lorrenzo Manzin captured the trophy at that iconic race, held in the Valencia region of eastern Spain.

A new team of 23 young riders, almost all of them French (apart from two Belgians) will now be sporting the TotalEnergies colors on roads worldwide. Nearly half of those riders are products of the Team’s training facility, hoping to take on the mantle of the champions who have recently left the team – not the least of whom is Peter Sagan, one of the world’s top sprinters.

The Vendée formation has inked an eight-year partnership with the Company that’s set to continue until 2025. Created by Jean-René Bernaudeau, a former pro cyclist turned sports director, the team has evolved over time and was officially named Team TotalEnergies in 2021. That was also the year the Tour de France helped to debut the new TotalEnergies brand.

The partnership benefits our Company’s brand and image by cementing our regional presence, but it also draws on our significant shared values:

  • Safety, a daily battle we wage with humility and vigilance and for which we are individually and collectively responsible.
  • Respect for Each Other and Stand Together, which characterize our way of interacting with others and put people at the center of our collective undertaking.
  • Pioneer Spirit, which constantly drives us to be curious, to innovate and adapt, and to know how to act in the face of adversity.
  • Performance Minded, a spirit that drives each of our commitments.

The team’s goal for 2024? To convert its second-place finishes during 2023 into victories. The Team, which will be doing its utmost to make that happen, has had a two-part training program in Spain and Rwanda, a new feature of this season.

Doubtless the TotalEnergies workforce will be out there to support them every step of the way!

Get a first-hand look at Team TotalEnergies and its training program (in French only)

Encouraging results at 2023’s major cycling events:

The team played a prominent role at the Tour de France and the Vuelta

  • Two second-place finishes: Pierre Latour in the ninth stage with a legendary arrival at the Puy de Dôme, and Mathieu Burgaudeau and his outstanding performance in the twelfth stage.
  • A third-place finish for Mathieu Burgaudeau in the fifteenth stage, high in the Alps.
  • Two combativity awards, bestowed on Anthony Turgis and Daniel Oss.
  • A stage victory by Geoffrey Soupe in the Vuelta.

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