Trinidad and Tobago: start-up of production from phase 2 of the Greater Angostura gas field



May 11, 2011: Total (30%) and partners BHP Billiton (45%, operator) and Chaoyang (25%) announce the start-up of the Phase 2 gas development of the Greater Angostura field with a design capacity of 280 million cubic feet of gas per day (7.9 million cubic metres per day).

The Greater Angostura field includes oil and gas discoveries at Aripo, Kairi and Canteen. It is situated in the Block 2(c) approximately 40 kilometres off the northeastern coast of Trinidad, in 40 metres water depth.

The first development phase, which started in January 2005, produces oil from Kairi and Canteen with the associated gas re-injected. The second phase consists in producing the gas principally from Aripo. A new gas production platform has been installed alongside the existing oil facilities. The project was delivered on schedule and within budget.

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) will take delivery of the gas.

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