Publication of 2010 corporate editions




Total has just published our corporate annual reports, which target different audiences: Activity report, Society and Environment report and "At a Glance" report.

2010 Activity report


Placed under the sign of the "energy in motion", Total's 2010 annual report has three main focuses: reinventing our traditional energies, the strategies for adaptation and the energies of the future.


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For the very first time, in 2011 Total provides internet users with a mini web site dedicated to the activity report, which includes previously unpublished content that complements the report hard copy, such as Total à la carte (an overview of our 2010 activity and projects by region), animated illustrations, a video interview with the Chairman and CEO, the travel diary of French photographer Marc Roussel, a spotlight on 3 groundbreaking projects, etc.

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2010 Society and Environment Report


In the 2010 Society and Environment report entitled "In Other Words", Total continues the dialogue with stakeholders initiated in the previous issue, with ten stakeholders questioning the Group on what surprises them, alarms them or makes them react. In the 2010 report, answers are made by employees at Total.


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2010-2011 "At a Glance"


This document provides a 16-page short overview of Total’s activities and challenges in terms of corporate social responsibility as well as the major strategic developments that occurred in the course of the past 12 months.


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