Attractive shareholder return policy

More than 550,000 shareholders have placed their trust in TotalEnergies, and benefit from the growth of the company. Our dividend, paid quarterly, offers an attractive yield.

Yearly dividend in € per share 

The group paid a dividend of €0.83 per share for fiscal year 2000, €2.28 per share for fiscal year 2010, and will be at €2.64 per share for fiscal year 2020.

5.8% : Average gross annual dividend yield over the past 10 years*

A dividend supported through economic cycles

Paid quarterly

*Average gross annual dividend yield for the last 10 years (2011 to 2020) calculated on the basis of the dividend for each financial year and the average share price of TotalEnergies’ shares on Euronext for the same year.

Dividend announcements and history