Supporting Local Economic Development

As a major energy operator, Total must contribute to the development of our host countries. Going above and beyond our contractual obligations, we ensure that our operations create value and opportunities by supporting employment, training and the local industrial fabric.

Why it matters

A source of energy is a driver for progress and socio-economic development. For this reason, host countries and local communities expect active contributions from energy companies to nurture and stimulate this progress.

Fully committed to the same goals and aspirations, we have made shared development an integral part of our business model, resulting in a lasting contribution to the economic and social development of our host regions and a closer integration with local communities.

A comprehensive and integrated approach to local economic development

Our ambition is to take action and be recognized as a lasting partner in the social and economic development of the communities and regions where we operate. To fulfill this ambition, we have created a comprehensive and integrated approach to local economic development called In-Country Value. The approach is founded on dialogue with our stakeholders and it enables us to establish development priorities together and create long-term synergies.

Our local economic development policy is focused on three main areas:

  • Training and hiring of local staff.
  • Purchasing local goods and services.
  • Developing infrastructure.

Driven by this ambition, we are strengthening the local socio-economic base, furthering the development of industrial capacity and facilitating skills transfer.

Education and Training: Core Components of Local Economic Development

Education and training are key in developing the human capital of our host countries and creating shared value.

To promote local hiring, we have set up job-oriented training programs for technicians as well as managers.
In tandem, as a way of contributing to the emergence of national talent and the creation of skilled jobs, we offer local and international scholarships to students in host countries.

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and SMEs

Contributing to local economic development is also about providing the communities around us with the means to shape and manage their development independently and based on their own priorities.

That's why we're focusing our efforts on the development of the industrial base and SMEs:

  • In France, TotalEnergies Direction France offers support to French entrepreneurs. Between 2019 and 2021, we granted €16 million in interest-free loans to 423 beneficiaries to create or maintain close to 11,000 jobs.
  • Internationally, we support entrepreneurs in creating or developing their business plans through coaching programs and microcredit lending.

Helping support and drive our local communities

To contribute to regional economic development, TotalEnergies Direction France supports French SMEs in partnership with local socio-economic agents by providing:

  • Financial support for starting, taking over or developing a business.
  • Support for converting the Company's industrial sites, especially for subcontractors and new jobs in industry, as part of our commitment to a fair transition.
  • Help with exporting so that French SMEs can expand internationally.

Helping to strengthen local job markets with the focus on ensuring a fair transition

As a responsible company and as part of our determination to achieve a fair transition, we anticipate our own industrial transformations and their related impacts. When one of our sites has to transform to adapt to the market or our carbon neutrality strategy, TotalEnergies Direction France offers guidance to partner companies to preserve local jobs and supports projects aimed at creating new industrial facilities, thereby helping to strengthen the economic and industrial fabric of the local job market in line with our policy for a fair transition.

TotalEnergies Direction France works closely with other local economic players, including economic development organizations and chambers of commerce and industry.

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