Our priority: Operational excellence

Safety is our core value at TotalEnergies and the key driver to our operational excellence. It lies at the core not only of all our activities but of our industrial culture as well. This culture of excellence also involves continuously improving the operational and energy efficiency of our facilities.

Safety: our core value

Safety is our core value at TotalEnergies that helps to ensure our long-term future. Our business of transforming oil and gas carries inherent risks that we need to understand and manage. We are responsible for guaranteeing the safety of our employees, external contractors and local residents. To apply our safety culture, we have outlined a set of 12 Golden Rules for occupational safety.

Synergies in refining & petrochemicals improve operational efficiency

At TotalEnergies, both refining and petrochemicals are integrated activities. Because their technical processes have much in common, we can leverage synergies to enhance our operating efficiency. At integrated industrial platforms, refining and petrochemicals units are located near each other, making it easier to share raw materials and production energy. This strategic choice delivers savings that make our sites more energy efficient and competitive.

Availability: ensuring the continuity of our operations

Not only are our markets particularly volatile, but profit margins remain highly sensitive to oil prices, weather conditions and the broader economic situation. Improving the availability of our industrial facilities, and in particular our continuous production capacity, is essential if we want to be able to take advantage of market opportunities when they arise.

To boost our average availability, we have developed an industrial methodology based on best practices for refining and petrochemicals. The resulting benefits will enable us to make progress across the board, from safety, operations management and maintenance to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

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Optimizing energy efficiency at our facilities


The decrease in SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emissions into the air compared to 2015

* excluding COVID-19 impact and conjunctural events

Refining and petrochemicals are energy-intensive industries. To make our facilities more energy efficient and reduce their environmental footprint, we have launched an energy management system based on optimizing our use of resources and improving our procedures. We are also developing synergies in our refining and petrochemicals operations so that water, steam and other utilities can be centralized.