R&D : Visit Our Showroom In Solaize To See And Test Our Products


Do you know what path fuel takes as it travels through your engine? Have you ever handled an asphalt core to test its elasticity? Have you ever seen the surprising range of colors in a lubricant display?

You can now, at the recently opened a showroom at the Solaize Research Center (CReS) in France. Customers, prospects, employees, journalists and institutional partners curious about what goes on behind the scenes of our R&D can see, test and understand products fresh out of our laboratories.

From fuel/lubricant pairings to special fluids and asphalt, discover the products of our Marketing & Services’ business segment and their applications, especially via two physical and virtual demonstration engines. The spotlight is on energy efficiency and sustainability in particular, two focuses that steer the work of our researchers.

The showroom also highlights the scale of the task for our R&D teams, which have to both anticipate and respond rapidly to specific problems in our fields. That’s because the battle is being fought on two fronts today. Says Jean Parizot, Research Director at CReS, “Our competitors move fast. We have to shorten time to market, working with the business lines to be ultra-responsive. To do that, we use new modeling and simulation methods and precisely analyze competing products. We also have to be able to anticipate future developments, by conducting in-depth technology watch to identify tomorrow’s trends.” The tour ends with the innovation-focused “And Tomorrow?” space, which provides visitors with a glimpse of Total’s future products.

These photos offer a preview of the new CReS showroom

Would you like to find out more or to visit the showroom? Contact Marion Auduc at the Solaize Research Center (CReS) in France.

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