Libya: Patrick Pouyanné Meets the National Oil Corporation Chairman Farhat Omar Bengdara


Paris, August 24, 2022 – The NOC Chairman, Farhat Omar Bengdara met in Paris today with Patrick Pouyanné. During the meeting, they discussed TotalEnergies’ multi-energy strategy and activities in Libya, as well as the ongoing implementation of the strategic agreements signed with the Libyan authorities in November 2021 for the sustainable development of the country’s natural resources.

On this occasion, Patrick Pouyanné confirmed to Farhat Omar Bengdara the full commitment of TotalEnergies to the country, and expressed his willingness to launch new investments to increase Libya’s oil production for supplying the world market as well as gas output for both the domestic and the European export markets.

Patrick Pouyanné and Farhat Omar Bengdara also discussed TotalEnergies’ willingness to strengthen its investments in Libya’s renewable energy sector. Patrick Pouyanné stressed that TotalEnergies aims to help the country in building a more sustainable future through an improved use of its natural resources, including solar energy, which will directly improve the accessibility of cleaner, more reliable and more affordable electricity to the Libyan people.

TotalEnergies in Libya

TotalEnergies has been present in Libya since 1954. In 2021, the Company’s production was 84,000 boe/d. This production comes from the offshore Al Jurf field (TotalEnergies, 37.5%), the El Sharara onshore area (TotalEnergies, 15% on block ex-NC 115 and 12% on Block ex-NC 186) and the Waha fields (TotalEnergies, 20.41%, after the joint acquisition of Hess interest).